60 Minutes on the dreaded couch…

So, the moment arrived finally. I sat myself down on the mustard colored couch and looked across to her. The first thing I noticed was her neck. It was old and wrinkly and reminded me of a turkey lol. She proceeded to take out her pen and her notepad and told me to begin.

As you may have guessed now, I was at the psychologist’s office. I was having my first session since high school. My first session as an adult, mother, ex wife, and more mature. But I didn’t feel like any of those things when I sat down in the chair. I felt like i was 16 years old and following my mother’s instructions to get help. I felt like she had dropped me off and was waiting in the lobby all over again, when really I was the one who had drove myself and would haul my ass back home afterwards. I keep wondering through this session, if it will really help. Will the breathing exercises really help to calm the anxiety.

Why a couch also?? The couch just seemed so big and I felt so tiny on it. Why not a chair, would make me feel more secure and enclosed in a good place I guess.

Well the 60 minutes went by actually pretty fast, thank goodness. And the couch became comfier and safer.