Cats…..never thought I’d have any. They are boring and vicious, or so I thought.

I think I started changing my mind when the neighbor cat started coming over. This cat is soo pretty, and his owners don’t always remember to bring him into the apartment. I thought he was a stray until one day he got picked up and brought back into the neighbors’s apartment. He was back out the next day and after the 4th day, I believe they finally remembered him. Jeez…

Then came my boyfriend and his cat. Artemis is a beautiful cat. She is a tortoise shell coloring. And she is soo sweet and wants to be cuddled all the time! Soo obviously I fell in love with her along with falling in love with him more. Seeing him interact and play with her is soo cute, sometimes i get jealous, not going to lie. But yes apparently cats play. She likes to play cards, which is her jumping around for the playing cards we throw for her. The only bad part is she wants to play it at the oddest hours when I’m wanting to sleep, or just woke up, or wanting to get laid.

Then after falling in love with her, I wanted to get a kitten. I think this is the natural course of events that follow meeting a wonderful cat lol. Soo the bf and I decided to get a kitten. We looked at the humane society and the animal shelter. And low and behold we found Belle!!! She was about 2 and a half months old and super fuzzy!!! I was all about the fuzziness. It’s soo fluffy, Im going to DIE!!! ( one of my favorite lines of the Despicable Me movie). Belle and Artemis got along great from the beginning and thankfully Belle came litter trained!

Then came the 2nd kitten. I think I was on a baby kick one day and instead of asking for a real life baby, I went the easier way and asked for another kitten. This is the kitten that couldn’t figure out the litter box for the longest time. Now thankfully he is litter trained, only thing now to work with on him is the covering up his poop in the litter box. Who knew, that he wouldn’t figure that step out. He is kinda on the weird side. His name is Salem, and he is a black cat that looks goofy all the time. His eyes are too big for his head, he’s a tiny runt, and he runs/walks funny. But all in all he is soo cute and thankfully a lot easier to handle then an actual real baby.

So.. that’s my awful post about cats lol. Just a dog person, NO MORE!!!


Why blogging???

Why am I blogging?? Good question..I think to give myself a voice and because everyone thinks I am hilarious. But in a world full of everyone starting blogs and YouTube tutorials, this may never get read.

I try to be a good mom to my furry kids and my actual kid, but sometimes I just don’t get it right and everyone thinks it’s funny. This morning I got woken up as usual by my daughter yelling at me from her bed. I wish I could go back to the days when I could just yell at someone and they would be at my beck and call, like I am for her. She is in for a rude awakening in a few years when I stop being her personal slave lol. I got her out of bed and proceeded to head to the bathroom to let out the tiny 8 week old kitten that has been in there all night. This kitten cannot figure out how to use the litter box, even though it has 2 other cats showing it everyday how to use it. And to make it worse, the kitten is having poops that look like thousand island dressing gushing out. If only it smelled like thousand island dressing, but it smells like someone died when he poops. This kitten is 8 weeks!!!! Nothing this bad should come out of the kitten! I then proceeded to give my daughter a quick shower. She just stood there and screamed like she was getting the biggest punishment, when really I just wanted her to get clean so that the daycare didn’t judge me after the 3rd day of her hair in the same ponytail.

But that’s the life I live lol